April Honodel

Licensed Massage Therapist

After twelve years as a dental assistant I decided to switch gears and focus on massage therapy, an area of patient care that has always been a passion of mine. It is a great pleasure to work in an arena of healthcare where people enjoy coming back for return visits. Clients look forward to their massages and I look forward to meeting their wellness needs.

I know first hand the benefits of massage. I have been in two professions where proper body mechanics is key, yet not always possible, resulting in my own stiff and sore muscles. Frequent massage is an essential element for me to function in a busy lifestyle. With regular exercise, a physically demanding job and keeping up with three kids, my muscles, joints and stress levels need massage!

I graduated from massage school in March of 2009 and meet all state and national certifications with a focus on therapeutic massage. From “tight spots” and chronic pain, to life’s stresses, injury prevention and more, my goal is to be part of my clients’ overall wellness package.